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Bio Sculpture Gel Overlays
About Bio Sculpture Gel

• Bio Sculpture Gel -
• Does not damage natural nails
• Helps your natural nails grow and they are less likey to break
• Does not chip or wear away
• Lasts for up to four weeks (eight on toenails)
• Gives a permanent manicured look
• Is available in clear, french or colour
I have over 110 permanent Bio Sculpture Gel colours in stock - plus over 70 fabulous solid glitter colours (my own creation with glitter and Bio Sculpture Gel).

Discover the difference of an advanced nail treatment that’s a pleasure to wear. Bio Sculpture Gel makes nails strong - naturally. Bio Sculpture instantly dries under a UV or LED lamp (I have both) so you don't smudge or damage your nails when you leave.  Bio Sculpture is also removed easily by soaking (not buffing) causing no damage to the natural nails.

Unlike other nail finishes Bio Sculpture Gel is applied as a coating over your own nails (there is no false bits ’stuck on’) but if you want longer nails then have the gel applied a few weeks before your special occasion and your nails will grow while being protected.

Long wearing and chip-proof, your Bio Sculpture Gel treated nails keep their well-manicured look long after application (three to four weeks).  Excellent on toenails, with no worn or ragged edges.

Bio Sculpture has no fumes or horrible odours and almost no buffing dust. Bio Sculpture Gel has received a 5 star safety rating, this concludes it is highly effective and tolerable for use as a cosmetic gel.

I am fully qualified, trained and insured with over 10 years experience with Bio Sculpture Gel.  All Bio Sculpture technicians must be qualified and then trained with Bio Sculpture products, and pass an examination.

Call Sarah at The Nail Den on 07828 609711 to make an appointment or for more information.

Full glitter nails in Diamond Geezer (my own creation from extra fine silver glitter and Bio Sculpture)
Multi-coloured glitter tips with diamante thumb detail
Black French Bio Sculpture Gel Overlay
Solid colour in Bio Sculpture Gel (No. 11 Primula)
Bio Sculpture Gel Overlay with Nail Art
Available colours - currently over 110 Bio Sculpture colours and over 70 glitters (my own creation with glitter and Bio Sculpture)
Bio Sculpture Gel Overlay in Classic French
Bio Sculpture Gel nails with Nail Art
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