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DIY Gel Removal
To remove your gel properly without damaging your nails you will need to 'soak them off'.  You can either book an appointment to have your nail enhancements removed professionally (I charge £10 for removal, £7 if you are having the gel reapplied) or you can have a go yourself following these instructions.

Things you will need:     Bio Sculpture Gel Remover (or acetone), Cotton wool pads (at least 3), 10 pieces of foil (approx. 10cm x 10cm), an orange stick (wooden cuticle stick), a nail file, a three way buffer and cuticle oil (to bring the shine back to your nails if you are not going to have the gel reapplied), and at least an hour of your time, allow 2 hours if you haven't done this before.

Firstly remove any top coat or nail polish from the gel with nail polish remover if necessary, then using the nail file scuff the gel on each nail so that it is no longer shiny (like the first two nails on the left - see picture below).
Cut your cotton wool pads so that they are just bigger than each nail. I find cutting each one into quarters works well. Then saturate the cotton wool pieces (not like you would with nail polish remover - actually dripping!!) and then secure on each nail by wrapping with a piece of foil (shiny side inwards).  You may need help with this if you haven't done this before.
Leave for AT LEAST 30 minutes for clear, 45 minutes for french and colour and 60 minutes for glitter.  The longer you leave your nails wrapped the easier your gel will come off.

Gel polishes, such as Shellac, Geleration and Gelish will need a lot less soaking time. Try 15 minutes and then see how they are doing.

After the correct amount of time left soaking, remove one at a time and gently remove loosened gel with the orange stick.  If the gel is still stuck fast leave for at least another 15 minutes.  Do not force the gel from the nail as this will damage and thin your nails, making it harder to grow you nails for the next few months.
After removing your gel you may wish to bring back the shine to your nails with a three way buffer file and cuticle oil. It is not recommended you do this if you are having your nails re-gelled within a couple of days.

Use the roughest side of the three way buffer first, finishing with the shiny side and a little cuticle oil.

Please note that not all gels are soak off gels.  Check that the gel on your nails is removable in this way before you start. Known soak off gels are Bio Sculpture and Calgel.  Gel Polishes such as Shellac, Geleration, and Gelish can also be removed in this way.

Before buffing and cuticle oil.
After buffing and cuticle oil.
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